Be Part of Our Upcoming Fitness Photoshoot!

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Are you ready to Rethink Fitness?

We are. And we’re looking for a group of people to be in an upcoming photo shoot for our new website.

We’re super excited about the new vision and direction for GXunited, and we want you to be part of it!

If you’re ready to redefine what it means and looks like to be fit and active, then we want you. Our vision is to create a world where everyone can experience amazing shared group workout experiences…regardless of physical characteristics or movement preferences.

Be part of the change

If you are in or around the Denver Colorado area, then we want you to join us for our upcoming website photo shoot. One of the big missions with this photo shoot is to showcase fitness in ways and means that are not traditional. We are looking at individuals from multiple walks of life, of all ages, sizes, skills, and abilities. We want the conversation to be that it doesn’t matter what you look like, we just want you moving.

We’re looking for ‘non-traditional’ fitness athletes (because the word model sucks). Males and females. All body types. All ages. Tattoos. Piercings. Fun hair colors. Physical disabilities. Anyone and everyone is what we are looking to represent on our website; therefore, we want people from all walks of life.


Date and location TBD.

If you’re on board and ready to be part of our movement, complete this interest form or email by FRIDAY NOVEMBER 24th for more information. We will get you the full details by the end of November.

*While we can’t pay you in real money, you will get to rock a free outfit from our sponsors and get your own free headshot.*

Summer Sides
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Summer Sides

Founder & Fitness Educator at GXunited
Summer is a self-proclaimed exercise science geek who loves learning about the ways the body moves in order to help people stand taller, move easier, and perform better.

Her fitness career began over 15 years ago and has provided her with some cool opportunities to train athletes, create certifications and CEC courses, teach group ex, and most recently, join the realms of academia as a full time Lecturer of Exercise Science in Denver CO.

She hopes to inspire both budding and veteran fit pros to understand 4 basic concepts; (1) train movement, not muscle, (2) create the mind/body connection, (3) have purpose in movement, and (4) respect the story that everyone brings to the table.

Through GXunited, she hopes to #inspirechange in the fitness community - creating a more educated and purposeful movement experience for everyone by elevating the level of education required of fit pros.
Summer Sides
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