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Leadership Team

We are the inner workings behind GXunited.

Summer Sides
Founder & Creative Mind
Exercise Science, Training Principles, Mind-Body, Random Facts!
I love mountains. Puppies make me smile. Fitness is fun. My family is great. Traveling is life. And vintage is cool.
Fun Facts!
Michael Griffith
Marketing Director & the actual brains!
Teacher, Musician, Marketing & Branding
Yup, I am Summer's better half. I'm not a fitness person, but by association I get to learn all about the crazy world of GX!I too love mountains and animals, but unlike Summer, I love video games!
Meet Me!

Contributing Authors

Get ready to learn from the best of the best in the industry.  These guys are program developers, master trainers, and leaders in their specialty areas.  We are honored to have them on our team!  Check out their experiences, advice, and tips across a wide range of specialties in the Tips from the Top blog series.

Angie Yochum
Founder: GFIT Education
Management, Youth Fitness, Cycling, Kickboxing, Step
I LOVE Mediterranean food, so Greece is bucket list vacation spot.
Favorite Food?
Carrie Haines
Master Trainer
Barre, Cycle, Management, Cancer Exercise
Master Trainer for Barre Above, BOSU, Tabata Bootcamp
Get to know Carrie!
Christine Gallagher DeFilippis
Creator: Red Hot Dance Fitness
Barre, Dance, Marketing
Favorite Vacation?
Jeff McMullen
Master Trainer
Aqua, High Intensity Training, Pilates, Management, Seniors, Small Group Training, Yoga
Master Trainer: ActiveMotion Bar & Tabata Bootcamp
Meet Jeff!
Jen Hall
Creator: DNCE Fitness
Barre, Dance, Exercise Science
I was a professional dancer, and danced with some awesome people like Beyonce!
Did you know?
Jennifer Sage
Founder: Indoor Cycling Association
Cycle, Exercise Science
I host cycling tours through Europe!
Did you know?
Jessica H. Maurer
Co-Creator: LOK Fitness
Dance, High Intensity Training, Floor Aerobics
Koala. Always.
Favorite Animal?
Josh Crosby
Creator Indo-Row & Shockwave
Rowing, Triathlon, Motivation
I will row until the day I die... just like my grandpa who rowed until 94 yrs. old!
Rowing is in Josh's Family!
Karyn Kattermann
Master Trainer: DNCE Fitness
Freestyle GX, Management, Leadership, Strength Training
Guess my favorite animal.
Laura Olinger
Master Trainer: Ageless Grace
Seniors, Neuroplasticity
I'm a licensed black belt instructor. With NIA!
Meet Laura!
Lauren George
Creator: PulsePointe Barre
Barre, Pilates, Management
I just welcomed a new bundle of joy to our family!
Meet Lauren!
Leslee Bender
Creator: Bender Ball Method; Co-Creator: Barre Above & True Bar Fitness Systems.
Barre, Exercise Science, Pilates
I am passionate about being vegan. It is my way of helping the planet.
Little Known Fact?
Mindy Pedersen
Master Trainer
Barre, HIT, Strength Training, Small Group Training
Master Trainer for Barre Above, Tabata Bootcamp
Meet Mindy!
Nancy Korf
ZUMBA Program Developer
High Intensity Training, Small Group Training, Yoga
I am an ex-professional bungy jumper!
Super Fun Fact!

Choreo Freaks

These guys completely geek out over creating new class plans, developing playlists, and thrive on learning new exercises.  They each have a unique take on the wonderful world of Group Exercise, and are excited to share it with you in our Choreo Exchange.

Check out their class plans, provide comments, and connect with these top notch instructors!  EVERYONE can contribute to the Choreo Exchange, these guys just give a little extra to the site.  You will see highlighted choreography and other special things from this team.

Amber Benda
Choreo Freak
I teach and love teaching a lot - Cycle, High Intensity Training, Strength Training, Small Group Training
Colorado and the beach are my favorite faction spots!
Fun Fact!
Angelia Balgemann
Choreo Freak
My Favorite Classes: Cycle, Pilates, Strength Training, Seniors, Yoga, Cardio
I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist
Fun Fact!
Christy Sanchez
Choreo Freak
I'm a Dance & HIT girl!
I love Panda Bears!
Best Animal?
Izabela Ruprik
Choreo Freak
I love teaching CYCLE!
Costa Rica, but I go to Italy all the time!
Best Place I've Traveled?
Lisa Hykes
Choreo Freak
I teach a bit of everything: Barre, High Intensity Training, Pilates, Strength Training, Cardio Formats, Seniors
35 Years! And If I could only do 1 format for the rest of my career it would be PiYo because you get a mix of everything.
Guess how long I've been teaching?
Lynn Blakeley
Choreo Freak
I love dance classes!
Yoga because it has many aspects that I love: strength, core, flexibility, relaxation, mindfulness, and if that's all I took, I could get better and stronger continually.
If I could only take one class?

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