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We’re fighting the standard quo of fitness and helping fit pros understand, discover, and teach scientifally sound (and fun) group ex classes. Join us!

Our Story.

GXunited was created when Summer, a 15-year veteran and passionate group exercise instructor, got sick of searching Facebook groups, Googling, and asking friends where to find different fitness resources. When recognizing there was no single space dedicated to group fitness instructors, she set out on developing one. Over a year later, GXunited was born.

Today GXunited is the only place where you can search a complete directory and events calendar of over 1,000 different group exercise certifications, workshops, and conferences separated into 20+ different categories. Plus, share and discover choreography/class ideas, read articles from industry leaders, and have access to a full library of resources ALL for group exercise instructors.

As a Master Trainer herself, Summer also set out to create a platform on GXunited to help fitness educators and companies get more people into their courses with a great business partnership plan. We are excited to roll this out and get as many presenters, educators, and companies involved.


We believe science is fun, group exercise classes should have purpose, safety first in exercise, and learning new class formats and ideas is awesome!


To create a world where group exercise instructors are respected, knowledgeable, and valued as part of the fitness industry. Ultimately, expanding the required education for instructors and ensuring classes are taught with a focus on scientific research, movement technique, and empowering coaching methods.

Our Promise.

Our promise to you, the amazing group ex instructor is to:

  • Explain science in a way that is easy, fun, and practical
  • Share the best science and research available
  • Bring the best class plans for all formats of classes
  • Give you a central location to discover new certifications, workshops, and conferences
  • Expose the faces behind GXunited through blogs, teaching tips, and social media

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