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10 Tips for Teaching Senior Fitness Classes

Teaching classes for Seniors has unique challenges, and fitness instructors who currently teach, or are considering expanding into teaching seniors should keep a few things in mind, or contemplate thoroughly before taking the leap.

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One if by Land, Two if by Sea: Teaching Aqua Fitness

Do you understand the differences between teaching in water versus teaching on land? Make sure you do before teaching aqua fitness classes.

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“You’re Teaching What?” and other horror stories from GX substitutes

Being a team player and subbing classes is great…until the participants treat you like the “evil sub”.

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Are You On Your Participants Team? Or your Own?

Is your goal as an instructor to get as many people into YOUR classes, or to help people find the RIGHT class for them? Ask yourself who’s team you’re on.

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Neuroplasticity: Pathways to a Healthy Brain through Movement

Cardiovascular exercise is documented to increase brain activity. Learn the science behind neuroplasticity and how to apply it to your classes.

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