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3 Benefits of Barre Fitness Classes for Runners

Barre is a great cross-training workout for runners. Offering a low impact, core and flexibility focused training session.

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Wondering How to Become a Group Exercise Instructor?

Do you want to become a group exercise instructor? Then check out these seven steps and things you should know about the job before you jump in.

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GX Managers: Get Your New Instructors Team Teaching

Create the GX team you want by providing team teaching opportunities to new instructors.

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The Group Ex Class Intro: Your Chance to Hook Participants

Hook your participants in from the beginning and let them know what to expect from your group ex class.

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Calming Expectations. 8 Tips for the First Pilates Class

Pilates can be intimidating for a new participant. Help ease these fears in your classes with these 8 tips for first time Pilates members.

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Pilates Pump: Non-Traditional Playlist

Great upbeat & fun pilates class playlist.

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