Articles Posted by Izabela Ruprik

Garage Class Plan

Challenging class featuring 2/3 of speed/saddle work and 1/3 strength/power climbing.

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Endurance Profile Class Plan

A great combination of speed and strength work to create an full endurance ride for your next cycle class.

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Killer intervals

Extended warm up followed by 7 x 1min intervals at 110% FTP followed by 15 x 15sec all out efforts. 45min class format.

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Climb – the journey

Recently I came back from a cycling holiday in Spain where I had to conquer some serious climbs on a heavy mountain bike. This highlighted the subject of the difference between climbing at a steady pace just to conquer the climb (more of a muscle endurance) vs trying to get to the top at the quickest time beating your training partner!

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Climb a Mountain, then Race Down

Maintain good form both on the fast tracks and the climbs.

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HIT v Power Class Plan

Create a combination of strength and power work in this cycle class format.

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