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Why Some People Just Need to Watch You – Mirror Neurons

Mirror Neurons are a special class of brain cells that fire not only when someone performs an action but also when someone observes someone else making the same movement.

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Fanning the Flames: Avoiding Instructor Burn Out

Keep motivated with these 3 tips for avoiding instructor burnout.

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Music & Exercise – do you know the latest research?

Science shows us that music impacts exercise performance; just what group exercise has been saying for years!

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Can You Hear Me Now? Training the Auditory Learner

Can you communicate with an auditory learner in your Group Exercise Classs?

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A Little Dance Choreography to Spice Up Interval Training

No matter which type of HIIT class you are teaching, you can add some fun, function and flexibility with some dance choreography – GRAPEVINE FUN!

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